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Upload Own Song


You’ve got the best of both worlds.  You can upload into Ballegro your other existing music collections, and build your playlists with BOTH your own music AND the music from the Ballegro library !

Currently your music can only be uploaded into Ballegro from a desktop/laptop computer.


Follow these steps to upload your own music into Ballegro :

1. Sign in to your account at Ballegro Player Web App from your desktop or laptop computer.



2. Select My Songs from the Home Menu.



3. Fill out the information for your song.  The information will be integrated with our Ask The Maestro quick search filters for your future search.  If you don't know the exact information, you may leave these fields blank, or simply choose Select All.  Upload ONLY MP3 Files (you can upload only one file at a time!).  Click Submit at the bottom and wait for your song to be fully uploaded.  DO NOT leave this page until the upload is done.



4. You may repeat this process to upload other songs.

5. When done, exit this section.

6. Now you can see all your uploaded songs by going to Ask The Maestro > Exercise filter.  Scroll down and select My Songs.  All your uploaded songs will show up once click Search.


7. You can add your songs onto any of your playlists too (along with songs from the Ballegro library!).



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