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Online + Offline Performance


Ballegro enables both ONLINE and OFFLINE capacity, so you can access all your saved content and use the player even when you don’t have the internet !  Simply download your saved playlists onto your devices and playback anywhere, anytime !

The Offline Mode is currently only available on the Mobile App.

How to download the music onto your device and use Ballegro Offline :

On your iOS/Android App :

1. You need to be connected to internet first.

2. Go to Playlists from the Bottom Menu Bar.



3. Activate the download icon on the right of your Playlist.  The downloading will begin immediately.



4. Repeat the process. 

We offer unlimited downloads to our members, but how much you can download also depends on how much space you have on your mobile device.

IMG_3017.PNG   Online___Offline.PNG


5. After all the downloading is completed, you can playback your downloaded playlists offline without the internet, anywhere, anytime.  DO NOT log off your account for the offline use.  You will lose all your offline playlists if you log off.


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