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Ask The Maestro (Smart Search)


The era has dawned when you can simply pull out your intelligent ballet pianist out of your back pocket. Our Smart Search (a.k.a. Ask The Maestro) features a variety of filters that will let you find the perfect song in seconds!

Ask The Maestro features 4 smart search filters : All Exercises, All Lengths, All Rhythms, All Genres.  This gives you the flexibility to search for the music you are looking for through any (or all) of these filters.  The rule of thumb : The more search criteria you put in, the narrower and more specific your search result will be.

The steps below teaches you how to use our Ask The Maestro feature :

1. Select Ask The Maestro on the Home Menu.



2. At the Ask The Maestro screen, you see 4 search filters : All Exercises, All Lengths, All Rhythms, All Genres.  If you leave all search filters at the default, your search result will show all the items in the library.



3. The All Exercises filter lets you first choose the specific class exercise you're search the music for.



3. The All Lengths filter helps you select the musical length suitable for your exercise.  

The length options include : Short (__x4), Medium (__x8), Long (__x16), Marathon (__x32) and Other (irregular sets of phrases).  The longer length options is particular useful for higher level classes, allowing you to continue to the second side of the barre exercise without stopping the music.

The first blank refers to how many counts you have in each your phrase (in most cases, you'd likely have 8-count phrases and 6-count phrases, etc).  The second number refers to how many sets of the phrase you have in your exercise. 

  • EX. Medium (__x8) = You have 8 counts in each phrase, and there are 8 phrases total in this exercise.




4. The All Rhythm filter lets you find any rhythm-specific music.  

This is particularly useful if you are searching for a particular rhythm for any given exercise.  For example, you can try the difference between doing a Pirouette exercise with the Waltz rhythm, and doing it with a Tango rhythm!  We have listed the most commonly used rhythms and have also made it easy for our users, regardless of their music theory level --- the Rhythm options already combine the names of the rhythms and their corresponding time signatures (meters).  This makes Ballegro also a great tool to elevate your musical knowledge!



5. The All Genres filter helps you find the music with the musical styles of your choice :

Classical, Jazz, Movie/New Age, Popular/Broadway, Other. 


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