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Playlist Builder


Our Playlist Builder will transform your disorganized scrambling to organized efficiency. Build different playlists for each your different classes, or build your personal training routine. No more time-wasting fidgeting with technology in class. Simply let the class flow effortlessly!

Playlists is your friend!  

The design concept of Ballegro is that it's a 'library' holding a huge selection of songs.  Ask The Maestro feature allows you to find/search your perfect music for the class.  The best Ballegro practice is to play your Playlists in class.  You choose and add the wanted songs onto the Playlist in advance.  You can re-order all your chosen songs on the Playlist.  Then during the class you just playback your playlist which already holds all your pre-chosen songs in the order you want.  

Follow the steps below to build your personalized playlists :

1. Select Playlists at the Home Menu.



2. Select Create Playlists.  On the iOS : [+ Create New Playlists]




3. Naming your playlist, then Save the playlist.




4. Repeat the process to create as many playlists as you want.

5. Then exiting the Playlists Section and go find your songs from the Ask The Maestro Section.



6. From your Maestro Search Results, you can preview the songs by clicking the Play button sides each song title. 



On Ballegro Desktop, add any songs to any your playlists with the [+] button, and simply drag & drop the song onto your chosen playlist.


If you're using the Ballegro iOS or Android App, you can preview the songs simply by selecting the song title.  The music will start playing and the Now Playing track is now showing at the bottom of the screen.  You can add any songs in the Preview Mode by activating the options on the right of the selected track.

Preview_Bar_1.jpg   Beautiful_Interface_10.PNG  


7. Repeat the above process to add all your desired songs onto your playlists.

8.  When you're done, return to the Home Menu and re-select Playlists.  Now you can see all the playlists you have just created.



9. Select any playlist and you will see all the songs you have added onto the playlist in the order that you added them.  



10. You can re-order the songs on your playlists on Ballegro Desktop or your Ballegro Mobile.  The new order will automatically be synced everywhere across all your platforms.  Simply drag & drop your song titles by using the Re-order Icon to the left of each song.



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